January 10, 2019

What to Pack for Your Wedding: Top Bridal Essentials

Wedding season is upon us! Just when you think the major planning is over, there’s so much more to take into account. Your head may be filled with worries of things that could go wrong on that day. Don’t let it be! Be prepared with an emergency kit that will get you through an potential mishaps that may occur. Here are a few essential items you should pack as you get ready for your wedding!


Chances are you’ll be getting your hair and makeup done by a professional. If you happen to book an appointment before your wedding day, you’ll know exactly how well everything is going to last. Just in case, make sure you pack a few key toiletries for easy fixes.

  • A strong holding hairspray, like this one here, is extremely helpful for any loose strands. You never know if you or your bridesmaids will need it for a quick fix to look perfect in your pictures.
  • Since the day will be filled with happy tears, ask your makeup artist for a recommendation on a dependable waterproof mascara to have readily available.

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It’s common to provide your vendors with a down payment before the wedding day. If possible, always try to pay them in full beforehand to avoid having to worry about payment that day. If the final payment must be made the day of, be sure to have some form of payment on hand. Ask if your vendors if they accept either an online or payment app form of payment- this way you can leave your checkbook at home.
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Extra clothing

No matter what season you plan on having your wedding, it’s always a good idea to bring extra clothing. Whether you’re uncomfortable in your dress during the reception or want to change after the ceremony have a few key pieces in your bag.

  • With Summer quickly approaching, it’s common for more brides to opt for the strapless dress trend. If that’s the case, be sure to have a durable strapless bra that will feel comfortable with any type of style dress.
  • Dancing in heels can be tricky and painful. Do some research before your big day to find a pair of wedding flats, such as these, that will let you dance the night away pain-free.


Miscellaneous items

Before you leave to get ready for your big day, take a second to think of those small items you might need to get through your wedding day. Medicine, snacks, a sewing kit or gum – decide on your emergency essentials.

  • While traveling to your venue site, dresses and suits can become wrinkled. Bring a travel-sized fabric steamer, for any last-minute wrinkles before you walk down the aisle.
  • Preparation for the ceremony can take a long time, so it’s normal to get a little hungry. Pack a variety of granola bars and drinks for you and the wedding party to munch on as you get ready.