July 27, 2017

How to Choose the Best Place to Get Ready for the Wedding | Bridal Suites

Today’s blog post will discuss a few tips for how to choose your getting ready room. Often brides will ask me where is the best place to get ready for the wedding. Below, I’ll outline some of the things that really help your wedding photos look as beautiful as possible. 
As a professional wedding photographer, I use my skills to work with all kinds of environments; however, having good lighting and clean rooms make a huge difference on the final getting ready images!


Hotel Corner Room or Suite

The main thing I hope to see in a getting ready room is a good source of window light. I always encourage my brides to book a hotel room or suite that’s on the corner of the building, ensuring there are multiple windows bringing natural light into the space.

Corner rooms almost always produce the best getting ready images in a hotel, so I highly recommend them as the best place to get ready for the wedding.

Also, hotels with light, neutral colored walls are best. Nothing’s worse than having a distracting color on the walls or dark walls that suck up a lot of light and darken the room. Typically, newer and more modern hotels have the cleanest atmosphere, making them ideal for getting ready photos. Bride and bridesmaids in blue and white robes with mimosas, Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

Book the Same Hotel for the Bride and Groom

It is much more difficult for you and your photographers if the bride and groom aren’t getting ready in the same building. It’s so much easier if, for example, a bridesmaid needs to grab something from the guys and she can just run down the hall or stairs.

Also, when the bride and groom get ready in different hotels or properties, the getting ready images don’t look cohesive. The bride’s room might be light and bright and the groom’s room could have green walls with crazy artwork. Cohesiveness plays a huge role in the overall look of a wedding gallery or album and is a very important aspect of the final wedding images!
Musée des Archives nationales, hôtel de Soubise, Cavin Elizabeth Photography Paris Wedding Photographer 

Keep the Room Clean

Besides choosing the best place to get ready for the wedding, it is crucial to keep the getting ready suite clean. Often, I show up to rooms littered with water bottles, bags, makeup, shoe boxes, and all kinds of clutter. Unless bridesmaids are able to help clean up the room to keep the photo backgrounds pretty, my assistant and I have to spend valuable shooting time tidying up the space.

If you keep your getting ready room free of trash, personal belongings of the bridal party, and anything else that’s not very attractive, your photographer can focus on creating images instead of cleaning your room or delivering photos with distracting backgrounds.


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