January 3, 2019

How to Be the Best Dressed Guest at This Year’s Weddings

Enjoy another guest post from Kacey Bradley today as she shares tips for how to be the best dressed guest for weddings!

How to Be the Best Dressed Guest at This Year's Weddings

While you don’t want to upstage any brides, you do want to shine at the weddings you attend this year. But how can you stand out in a crowd of people dressed in their most elegant attire? Each wedding is different, so you need a few versatile tips to step up your wedding guest wardrobe.

Being the best dressed guest at a wedding takes skill and confidence. From your purse to your earrings, all your items can help you make a lasting impression when you watch couples tie the knot. Here are six tips to help you claim the title of best dressed at this year’s weddings.

1. Follow the Wedding Attire on the Invite

To dazzle at a wedding, you don’t need to break any rules. It’s polite and considerate to stick to the bride and groom’s dress code because it’s their big day. If they want a black-tie affair or a casual celebration, show up in an outfit that meets those guidelines.

Following the dress code on the invite also gives you confidence, which is a quality that pulls your whole look together. When you know your clothing choice fits the style of the wedding, you don’t have to go into the event with doubts or compare yourself to others.

Bride with bridesmaids at Chic Beverly Hills Hotel Bridal Shower during Christmas decorations, Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

2. Overdress Rather Than Underdress

Even though you stick to the dress code, a wise rule of thumb is to choose a slightly dressier option instead of risking showing up underdressed. When you end up wearing a number that’s on the underdressed end of the spectrum, your chances of being the most stylish aren’t as high. Keep your outfit sophisticated to choose the classier path.

If you’re choosing between two dresses, opt for the one that’s fancier — don’t take this tip to an extreme though. You can attract attention while dressing practically for the type of wedding. Functional items are important in wowing the crowd as a wedding guest. For a chic autumn wedding look, try ankle booties or charming loafers to keep your footwear appropriate and comfortable.

Bride getting ready at the Landsby Hotel, Gainey Vineyards Wedding, Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

3. Know What Looks Suit Your Color and Shape

Your facial features, skin tone, hair color and body type all can be enhanced by certain colors and styles. Whether your hazel eyes would pop with a lavender dress or your undertones could use warm colored makeup, you can learn how to make your best features pop. For a distinct and attractive look as a guest, play up your attributes with a stunning color palette.

Your body type can also be complemented with the right dress shape and cut. Usually, people use body type categories like pear-shaped, athletically built, hourglass-shaped and more, but you can figure out what suits your body by trying on items that catch your eye. At your next wedding, wear the option that you think brings out your best qualities with the shoes to highlight them, too.

4. Dress to Complement the Wedding Palette

You can pick out an ensemble that fits in the wedding theme for an outstanding look. There will be no clashing with the venue and decorations with a complementing color scheme. Find out the wedding palette from the bride or wedding planner to dress accordingly.

But be careful with your guest outfit when matching the wedding theme. Avoid wearing a dress that blends in with the bridesmaids. If the bridesmaids’ dresses are baby blue and the bride’s bouquet incorporates plenty of greenery and periwinkle blooms, try wearing a darker shade of blue. You can coordinate with the color choices without looking like a member of the bridal party.

Bride and groom wedding grand entrance at Santaluz Club in San Diego, Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

5. Tailor Your Dress to Look Your Best

The difference between tailored and untailored clothing is significant, and with a better fit, you can accentuate your appearance in a new way. Even if you wear the same gown at a previous wedding, it can be unrecognizable once it’s been nipped and tucked to fit you.

Visit a tailor to refine your ensemble for the wedding, and they will use your measurements to alter the piece. You can show up in clothing that shows off your looks and makes you look like the best dressed guest.

San Francisco City Hall Engagement Photos with red gown, Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

6. Accessorize Simply

For a polished appearance, don’t overdo your accessories. Let your accessories enhance your look without distracting from your natural beauty. Simple and classic pieces are the best way to highlight your clothing choice without dominating.

You can add a pair of heeled mules or sleek pumps to your ensemble to emphasize your style in a tasteful way. Include understated but fine jewelry, too. Your completed look can leave people in awe.

Golden Gate Park Engagement Photos in San Francisco by Cavin Elizabeth 

Stand Out as a Wedding Guest

This year you can amaze at your next wedding as the best dressed guest. With a few elegant choices, you can make an impressive statement with your ensemble. You can be confident in your attire and enjoy the celebration when you keep these tips in mind.

S'mores for the wedding reception, Intimate San Diego Catamaran Resort Wedding on Mission Bay by Cavin Elizabeth 

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