August 31, 2017

4 Reasons You Need a Professional Wedding Album

The best phrase I use to describe a wedding album is an emotional investment – one that will bring lasting joy throughout your entire lives. After reading my favorite reasons you need a wedding album, you’ll understand the value of investing in a professional book designed specifically to tell your wedding story.
4 Reasons You Need a Professional Wedding Album

Albums Provide An Unbeatable Emotional Experience

Each time you flip through the pages of your album, you’ll relive the memories, joy, and excitement from your wedding day. Touching and feeling physical photos will provide a powerful experience that will have you feeling so emotionally connected to your memories. When we can hold something we love, we feel very much attached to it.
Trust me when I say that seeing your photos on your computer or social media accounts is NOT the same. Why invest so much time and money into your photos if you don’t plan on using them to their potential?

No Headaches of Doing It Yourself

Are you a designer? Do you have experience choosing the best storytelling photos out of a very large collection of images? Probably not, and that’s ok! Since you’ve hired a professional photographer to create your images, why not have them design and print your wedding album?
By doing so, you’ll receive an absolutely gorgeous, custom designed album that beautifully captures the story of your wedding day. Because I get to know my couples really well during our time together, I know how to design an album they absolutely adore, with the same aesthetic, high quality material and high quality images as their wedding experience.

You Aren’t Likely to Make One Yourself

Ask any of your married friends which of them has a wedding album. Chances are, many of your friends have been married for several years and have no album to show for it. Although several brides and grooms intend to make an album for themselves, the truth is that life gets busy and the task of making an album is overwhelming and easily forgotten.
By ordering a professional album through your photographer, you are guaranteed to have it in your hands where it can be enjoyed and displayed proudly in your home. I LOVE designing albums for my couples and always make the experience very easy for them and ensure that they have the album in their home long before their first anniversary.
Wedding Album Reveal | Real Couple Reacting to their Wedding Album with Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Albums are Future-Proof

With a physical wedding album there is no risk of it becoming obsolete or unreadable in the future. Seriously, think about floppy disks and CD-ROMs. Current technology no longer supports those mediums and it’s also possible that the most common image format, JPG, won’t be readable in the future.
Albums are future-proof and not subject to changes in technology. Plus, professional albums are always made with archival papers and long-lasting inks, ensuring that you’ll be able to pass your album down to your children. As long as you take care of it, it will still be here in 80 years.