January 8, 2019

New Year, New Home for Us

If you haven’t heard the news, David and I purchased a condo on Balboa Park in December. If you need to send us mail this year, make sure you get our new address from me! These days we spend most of our time moving, painting, picking materials for the renovation, and planning our wedding. Thankfully we bought the place during my slow season, giving me a ton of time to help out with home improvements.

new home celebration photo with Perriet Jouet Belle Epoque

The condo we bought needed a lot of style and brightening up. Eventually I’ll share full remodel photos, but that’s hardly begun! We have painted the walls a gorgeous grey tone from Sherwin Williams (Big Chill).

Big Chill – you can see the original more yellow color on the trim of the recessed ceiling.

Most of our furniture we sold before we moved either to replace or simply minimize the amount of materials we have. Some we took with us and will eventually replace when we have the rooms designed and the right budget. Our sofa is one of the few stylish pieces of furniture we’ve bought together, so it will definitely stay.

Taking out a built-in bookshelf
Taking out a built-in bookshelf

Our plans to renovate include a new master bathroom to lengthen the countertop and freshen up the space with new materials. The plans also include a complete remodel of the kitchen. There are some stylistic changes we want to make with cabinetry, countertops, and flooring. Additionally, we plan to tear down part of the wall between the kitchen and dining area so the space feels more open.

Picking out kitchen materials, blue kaleidoscope oceanside tile and silestone classic calacatta
Picking out kitchen materials

All other plans we have are quite minor, such as finding the right furniture, adding crown molding to the bedrooms, and changing out the carpet in the master bedroom. Our end goal is a bright and airy space that feels stylish and inviting. We are so excited for these fun, yet challenging, times as we make our first home beautiful and inspiring.
Engagement Photos in Balboa Park