June 27, 2019

Expert Tip to Make Wedding Planning More Efficient

Recently, an adorable couple came in for a consultation and they told me about how they planned to make wedding planning more efficient. I instantly thought they had a killer idea and told them I had to share it with you all! Follow this tip and you’ll both be so glad you did.

Expert Tip to Make Wedding Planning More Efficient 

Designate a Wedding Planning Night

The tip? Dedicate a single night of the week, every week, to wedding planning. For example, designate every Monday night to wedding work. Instead of planning a little here and there and having it disrupt your work life or free time, you’ll have a set time to accomplish wedding plans.

Having a set night ensures other plans don’t interfere. Additionally, you won’t forget about anything wedding-related that needs to be completed. You’ll know that Mondays are always reserved for planning and not for happy hours, dinner with friends, or any other technically more enjoyable adventures.

Reception table with white chairs and blend of whites, blush and mauve with neutral coastal elements like coral and sea glass and an ocean backdrop. Coastal Montage Laguna Beach Wedding Editorial by Cavin Elizabeth on film 

Use Your Planning Night Wisely

Use your dedicated night to review vendor selections, make key decisions, and work on guest logistics. By efficiently using that night, you’ll knock out your checklist so quickly! You’ll also find that the entire experience will feel less overwhelming and much more manageable. It’ll essentially give you back your life!

Also, doing this in conjunction with working with your wedding planner will make your planning process not only more efficient, but also less stressful. Opt for a full or month-of planning collection to really ease the burdens and lessen the workload for yourself. I promise it’s so worth the investment!

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A little bonus tip: Buy some of your favorite wine and sweet treats to make the planning night more fun. Indulging a little to reward yourself for the work you’re accomplishing will make the night even more enjoyable! Now that you’ve made wedding planning more efficient, you’ll be able to savor engaged life as it should be enjoyed.
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