April 20, 2017

How to Have the Best Wedding Photos: The Number One Method

Forget most of the things wedding blogs tell you (trust me, always take advice directly from the professionals instead). The number one way for how to have the best wedding photos is to trust your wedding photographer!

How to Have the Best Wedding Photos: The Number One Method

You likely selected your photographer based on their skill set, aesthetic, and personality. He or she is a professional who has captured numerous weddings and has worked with many brides, grooms, and couples. Your photographer is a thriving business person for a reason. He or she will photograph your wedding with the incredible vision that drew you to their work.

Let them do their magic by trusting their advice and decisions. The result will be peace of mind for you two, which allows you to relax on the wedding day by knowing you’ll have gorgeous images. 

A successful photographer will know the prime angles, lighting, settings, and atmosphere in order to capture the highest quality photos possible. This will give you contentment with whatever they’re doing; you know the work will look incredible. 

There’s no need to hand them a shot list you found on Pinterest or the Knot. In fact, these can be detrimental to your wedding images, as they distract your photographer from capturing your wedding in a natural manner.

If they’re having to read from a list and stage moments, you can expect your gallery to look stiff, unoriginal, and lacking in genuine moments. If you love your photographer’s photos and trust them, let them do their job exactly as they do it for all of their weddings. That’s how photographers produce their best work!

Ultimately, with trust comes comfort. Being comfortable around your photographer means you will be relaxed and at ease. This will allow your photographer to capture the best you -your character, personality, and originality. 

Trust works both ways -when your trust is in the photographer, they will recognize it as well. This allows your photographer to capture shots without hesitation or distraction. They can work seamlessly knowing you have faith in them to beautifully document your day.

Now you know that trusting your photographer 100% is how to have the best wedding photos. It’s so essential to your wedding gallery and it will put you at ease throughout the entire planning process!