June 21, 2018

Honeymoon Planning Tips To Consider Before You Book | Wedding Planning Tips

Your wedding day will fly by and you might not spend as much time with your significant other as you hoped, but you have your honeymoon to look forward to for that. As I’m currently planning my own honeymoon, I thought I’d share my top honeymoon planning tips that you should consider while booking your own.
Honeymoon Planning Tips To Consider Before You Book, what to consider for choosing honeymoon dates and locations 


Before you begin planning, you need to set an overall honeymoon budget. It would be devastating to spend $4,000 on flights only to learn that your hotel will eat up the rest of your budget and prevent you from fun activities. If you have a set budget before planning, you can ensure you don’t run out of money too soon. Cavin Elizabeth wearing a black top with a pink and black skirt in Joshua Tree 

When to Go on Your Honeymoon

While many couples opt to go on their honeymoon the week after the wedding, you certainly don’t have to! Consider the idea of not booking your honeymoon immediately after your wedding day if the weather or costs for your desired location would be more desirable at a later date. It can be booked a few weeks or even months after the wedding. Many destinations have higher costs for high seasons and lower costs for low and shoulder seasons.

If you are traveling to a place halfway across the world, it could be their winter even though it’s our summer. Know the season’s weather in your honeymoon destination before booking. If you haven’t yet set a wedding date, can even plan the date of your wedding to coincide with a great time of year for your getaway spot. Rodin Museum in Paris France, Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

Planning Activities

When planning a honeymoon, make sure you and your fiancé are both giving input into activities you will be doing. If only one of you is planning your honeymoon, the activities might be tailored to their interests and not both of yours. Additionally, it might feel burdensome for the person who takes on all of the planning. Plan your honeymoon together to ensure that the work is divided and the interests and activities will make both of you excited!

Remember, the wedding only lasts one day while the honeymoon lasts around a week, so do not cut out on the honeymoon budget. If you are starting to get worried about your budgets, consider doing a honeymoon registry instead of or as well as a wedding registry. You can use a website like Honeyfund or Honeymoon Wishes.