March 8, 2018

Bridechilla Podcast: Featured Interview on Finding a Wedding Photographer

Sunday’s episode of the Bridechilla podcast features yours truly. The host, Aleisha, and I discuss all things wedding photography, including how to find the right wedding photographer for you. In the episode, we also chat about photography trends, how photographers work alongside videographers, and how closely photographers work with their couples. 
Bridechilla podcast episode 310 Finding your Wedding Photographer When You Have Endless Options featuring Cavin Elizabeth Photography

I absolutely loved my time chatting with Aleisha. Her personality is incredibly fun, laid-back, and quite humorous. If that wasn’t enough, I could chat with her all day based on her cool Australian accent alone. She too just published a printed book for couples, which also comes with a very colorful and cute tote. 

A Bride's Guide to a Picture Perfect Wedding, wedding planning book and guide with tips for brides about how to have better wedding photography

Bridechilla Episode 310

Bridechilla podcast episodes cover topics related to weddings, from shows about how to make your wedding more non-traditional to how to avoid common wedding regrets. To have a listen to my episode on Bridechilla, you can hear it below or click here for the iTunes link! And if you’re looking for my book, which we briefly chat about on the show, you can find it here on Amazon