Wedding gowns are very versatile. Some gowns, like Martina Liana 1060, come in multiple lining colors and the color can make a huge difference in how the gown photographs. At The White Flower, our brides usually choose the lining color “honey” though some love the classic “ivory.” To demonstrate how different they photograph, I’ve included comparisons below.

Bouquet and asymmetrical floral arch with pink and ivory roses, sweet peas, ranunculus, carnations, and greenery with a pink painterly backdrop. Martina Liana 1060 beaded strapless fit-and-flare lace gown from The White Flower. Cavin Elizabeth Photography - film photographer in San Diego.
1060 with honey lining

Martina Liana 1060: Honey Vs Ivory

Most TWF brides choose honey linings for their gowns because it feels more modern than ivory and it allows the gown detailing to photograph better. Because there is a contrast from the honey tone and the gown’s embellishments that are ivory, you can more easily see the beautiful detailing in photos.

Martina Liana 1060: Same Gown in Two Different Lining Colors - Honey Vs Ivory 
Other brides prefer ivory because it feels more classic and “bridal.” Ivory lining gives the gown a brighter, more visually pure look. Some brides prefer this as they are drawn to the traditional bridal ivory. There’s no right or wrong choice – it all comes down to preference!

Martina Liana 1060: Same Gown in Two Different Lining Colors - Honey Vs Ivory 

Lining/Gown Color Choices from Designers

During bridal appointments, your stylist will be your informational guide. They’ll tell you if the gown you’re trying on comes in any other colors, whether in the form of lining or the entire gown itself. Hayley Paige gowns sometimes come in two colors, as well as those from Kelly Faetanini (Brigitte shown below in ivory and in blush).

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