August 24, 2022

9 Modern Royal Wedding Dresses

If you love royal wedding dresses, I’ve put together a list of 9 European royal queens and princesses whose gowns are swoon-worthy! These are weddings that have taken place in the last 20 years – sorry there’s no Princess Diana (she deserves a whole post of her own!).

I am a huge fan of The Crown and while I eagerly wait for the next season, I wanted to share some of my favorite regal gowns with you all as well as discuss some of the details we can usually expect to see of these distinguished ladies.

9 modern royal wedding dresses of queens and princesses. Princess Ekaterina of Hanover.


Most royal weddings in Europe take place in churches and the brides typically have their shoulders covered. You’ll also see long sleeves on many royal brides. Although we’re now in 2022 and millions of brides have adopted low backs, plunges, and other more modern necklines, the royals have not wavered in their preference for modest necklines.

Long Trains and Veils

It’s not quite a royal wedding dress without at least an 8 foot train and an even longer veil. On the wedding day the queen or princess will have a team of attendants (sometimes bridesmaids or even children) carrying the train to ensure it stays pristine until the ceremony begins.

In my research, I couldn’t find a clear reason why royal wedding trains are significantly longer than your average bride’s train; I presume it goes back to historical royals being able to afford more yards of luxurious fabrics and the skilled labor of tailors which set them apart from “commoners.” The tradition must have stuck. Additionally, I think the extensive trains also simply fit nicely with the long aisles of the churches in which royal weddings take place.

9 Modern Royal Wedding Dresses

To see my favorite modern royal wedding dresses, watch the video below. Tell me in the comments whose dress is your favorite!