April 12, 2018

3 Reasons Why I Love Basic Invite and Their Gorgeous Wedding Invitations

Have you been searching for wedding invites that you can customize and order online but aren’t having any luck? Do you feel like the sites you’ve found are too limiting in their color customizations and lacking all of the different paper pieces you need? Take a sigh of relief because Basic Invite totally has you covered with their unique wedding invitations!
Basic Invite Wedding Invitation

Seemingly Unlimited Design Options

Basic Invite has over 800 different wedding invitation designs–all of which have matching items like save-the-dates and escort cards to help you maintain a cohesive look throughout your wedding. Don’t worry if the thought of searching through 800 designs has you feeling overwhelmed! It’s incredibly easy to filter by style (i.e. modern or vintage), as well as features such as calligraphy text, botanical patterns, and foil. I actually love looking at their Instagram to check out all of their beautifully styled invitation suites!

Basic Invite Wedding Invitation with floral pattern
Basic Invite Save the DateBasic Invite place card

Completely Customizable Colors

On many of today’s online invitation sites, you can’t just change the colors of the design to anything under the sun. You’re limited to a small selection of colors, but with Basic Invite, that’s thankfully not the case. They give you over 180 color options for each element of the invitation design, which allows you to perfectly match the invitation suite to your color palette.

Basic Invite Wedding Invitation Seaside in black blush and grey
Basic Invite Wedding Invitation Seaside in teal turquoise and gold

Just in case that wasn’t enough, Basic Invite also gives you over 40 different colors to chose from for your envelopes. As someone who loves colorful envelopes, learning this had me thrilled! How fun is it to receive a bold green or blush envelope in the mail? It’s almost as excited as receiving the invitation itself!

Image from Basic Invite

Peace of Mind with Custom Samples

Last but not least, if you’re someone who’s very visual and likes to see design proofs in-person, Basic Invite has your back. They let you order a sample of your final invitation design so you can see exactly what it will look like with your names and wedding information. That is a total game changer in the invitation world! You won’t be staring at a generic sample, but rather at your own wedding invitation. With that kind of peace of mind and surety, what’s not to appreciate about Basic Invite?

Vintage botanical plum Basic Invite wedding invitation
Image from Basic Invite

This post is sponsored in collaboration with Basic Invite. All opinions are my own.