March 1, 2017

Featured as a Speaker on PhotoSpark Show Podcast

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker on the PhotoSpark Show podcast. Speaking about topics I’m passionate about is so absolutely fulfilling and I was honored to do so for the ladies at PhotoSpark. You can listen to it on their webpage or download from iTunes here to listen on the road later!

When brainstorming topics for the episode, I decided to choose the act of photographers working for free for other wedding vendors. It’s something that when unchecked and unrestricted can become quite damaging and draining for photographers. There’s a fine balance of when to work for free for other vendors and how often to do so. I don’t want to spoil our topic too much in my blog, so you’ll have to give it a listen to get the full conversation points!

Featured as a Speaker on PhotoSpark Show Podcast

Do be sure to download the podcast and have a listen this week, perhaps while driving or during your lunch break. Let me know what you thought about our discussion in the comments! A huge thank you to Julie, Kate, and Ashley for having me. Can’t wait to go back for another episode!