August 2, 2018

Wedding Reception Table Shapes: Round vs Farm

When planning your wedding, different venues and rental companies offer a variety of options for furnishing your wedding space. While this is probably something you didn’t imagine thinking about, rectangle and/or round tables can actually have different effects on your wedding reception and the ambiance it creates. Today I’ll be talking about wedding reception table shapes and how you can make the decision on round vs rectangle!

Round Table Pros and Cons

If you choose to have a round table, it may have a more classic and timeless feel. For the most part, any center piece you decide on will likely suit a round table. Be sure that you do, however, choose your table before you settle on a centerpiece. You want to ensure that they do not clash and that there are no hard “sides” to the centerpiece, specifically if you are going to have a round table.

If you choose a round table, one thing to take into consideration is that they do take up more room. Your guests should be able to comfortably move around the room without bumping into chairs or guests who are sitting down. With that being said, round tables are great for socializing because guests can easily converse with each other.
wedding reception tall centerpiece with white and green flowers at the Santaluz Club tented reception, Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

Farm Table Pros and Cons

If you chose not to have a round table, the next choice is either a rectangle or square table. These are much easier for guests to maneuver around because you can set them up more methodically around your venue. Straight edges create a more modern look, which is great too.
Navy and magenta Details Details Holiday Party at Twenty Eight OC, Cavin Elizabeth Photography 
One downside of square and rectangular shaped tables is that it minimizes the amount of people everyone can converse with while sitting. Be sure with square or rectangle options that the center pieces are rather low so your guests can talk across the table as easily as they can chat with the person sitting next to them.
Grey black and pink wedding inspiration tablescape with hanging floral installation, Cavin Elizabeth and Amorology 

Mixing Rounds and Farm Tables

If you have absolutely no idea which type of table to choose, you can mix it up! There is no problem with having a little fun with a mixture of differently shaped tables at your reception!


Thank you, this gave me more insight as Im still starting on the décor business. Now, I know the advantages and disadvantages of these two tables.

So glad to hear it Shirley :) My current favorite is a mix of farm and round tables!