I am often asked by my brides how much time a photographer needs for getting ready photos. Of course, every photographer is different, so I will mostly be speaking from my own experience. I encourage you to ask your photographer how much time they need. Some want two hours and others might only want 45 minutes.

I personally prefer at least 90 minutes. Even if you think you might not need getting ready photos, your photographer might very well need that time to get their creative juices flowing. This allows them to take their time with details and portraits without rushing. how much time does my photographer need for getting ready photos for my wedding, how much time your photographer need for getting ready photos, cavin elizabeth

What Your Photographer Will Do During Getting Ready Time

After arriving, your photographer will take detail shots of your ring, the dress, invitation suite, shoes, etc. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have the proper amount of time to do this. Personally, I like to spend around 30-45 minutes on this portion of the day, depending on the amount of bridal details. I am the kind of person who works best in a calm and unhurried situation. I can relax and get my creativity flowing because I’m not rushed and therefore forced to messily throw together the details.
Once your photographer has finished shooting details, they will begin photographing the bride and bridesmaids get ready. You will love these images, so make sure you give your photographer enough time to take them!
Once hair and makeup are complete, your photographer will photograph you getting into your gown, shoes, and jewelry. Typically, I allot 15-20 minutes for this. Padding the timeline with extra time will ensure that even if things run late, there will still be time for the necessary photographs. Copper Willow white letterpress wedding invitation suite with green ink, Vibrant Winter Wedding at Omni Rancho Las Palmas, Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Importance of Candid Portraits

The getting ready time with your bridesmaids and family gives your photographer the opportunity to take beautiful candid photos. Give your wedding photographer enough time so that neither one of you feels rushed to get the perfect shots.
Additionally, having at least an hour of time to photograph you and your bridesmaids will make everyone feel so comfortable with your photographer. This makes the portraits for the rest of the day go so smoothly. Everyone is already so comfortable with the photographer, which makes for more natural portraits! adorable candid photo of a bride and her mother before the wedding in san diego You won’t want to cut your photographer’s time short for getting ready. If they need an hour or two, be sure to give them the time they need. They know exactly how much time it takes them to document each portion of the getting ready process. Trust them and give them the timeline they need to give you a gorgeous gallery!

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