October 29, 2020

3 Reasons Why You Should Do a Father Daughter First Look

Father daughter first looks have become some of my favorite wedding images. Typically full of smiles, happy tears, laughter, and love, these moments hold so much meaning and beauty. If your father is unable to attend your wedding or has passed away, you could do this first look with another cherished relative. Below are 3 reasons why you should consider a father daughter first look:

3 Reasons Why You Should Do a Father Daughter First Look 

1. You Aren’t Having a Bride and Groom First Look

Love the concept of the first look, but prefer to stick to the traditional aisle reveal? Father daughter first looks have just become your best alternative. You’ll have photos that will have the spirit of the first look without sacrificing your more traditional values. It’s a win-win!

Bride during father daughter first look wearing sweetheart neckline Galia Lahav beaded gown, Del Mar Country Club Wedding by Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

2. They’re Beautiful in Every Way

Rather than simply approaching your father in a crowded hotel lobby or having him enter the bridal room in the midst of craziness, a father daughter first look provides a controlled and quiet environment to have your father see you completely done up. Plus, you’ll have images that are very beautifully composed, as your photographer will have control over where it takes place. In addition, you’ll be able to relive the emotions all over again when you receive your wedding gallery.

Bride first look with her father. Miramonte Resort wedding. Photography by Cavin Elizabeth. 

3. You Love Big Moments

If you’re a fan of emotionally-charged images and notable moments and memories, you will absolutely LOVE the father daughter first look. I’ve never had a boring or uneventful father daughter first look take place. The looks are always full of varying kinds of emotion that are absolutely noticed and appreciated in the wedding images. They make for some of the best candid images of the day that aren’t between you and your new husband :-)

Father daughter first look, Cavin Elizabeth Photography